Esoteric 2025 – Psychedelic Circus

7-11 March – Labour Day Weekend
Donald – Victoria – Australia

Esoteric: Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of peoplewith a specialised knowledge or interest.

We cherish staying true to this ethos. Our community drives every decision we make, and our passion guides us in creating the best festival experience in the world.

Great News Esotericans!  After close consultation with Buloke Shire Council and Local authorities we have the go ahead to plan for our next Event in 2025.  This will be subject to the most up to date conditions at the time, but we will be working tirelessly to ensure the wellbeing of all.  WE ARE ON!

Over the past few years esoteric has grown so quickly and we understand how important it is to make sure Esoteric is here for generations to come.   

Now that the hard part of building our venue is complete we can now focus on this incredible festival and provide all esotericans with a wonderland full of enchantment and mystical energies. All contained within an environment safe for everyone, free from negative energy that’s filled with love, smiles, jaw-dropping visuals, art, forest lighting, décor, food and market stall’s, lifestyle workshops, exciting secret areas and most importantly bigger & badder banging tunes in the thumping temples of stomping feat cutting-edge acts.

With the incredible support from the Buloke Shire, the Donald community, emergency services and the doof community, we’re pumped more than ever to evolve Esoteric to the next phase of being the ultimate psychedelic bush doof experience…

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