Oceans cover about 70% of the earth’s surface, therefore, what better place to explore. Esoteric Festival 2020 is taking you into the enchanted depths of the deep blue sea, a place of the unknown to embark on a journey like never before in exploration of the elusive 13 Crystal Skulls of Atlantis… The dreaming place where only the brave venture, a place of mythical creatures and forever lost cities.

Esoteric Festival
6-10 March 2020
Labour Day Weekend
Donald – Victoria – Australia

Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialised knowledge or interest.

Esoteric is here to stay after being granted a long term 5 year venue permit for 2019-2023 each year over the Labour Day Weekend in Donald!

At Esoteric we believe small & intimate is the new big as it brings the energy & vibes like none other. To ensure our community stays cool, small and intimate we currently have a strictly limited capacity.

After what was one of the biggest years for the crew and organisers at Esoteric had ever faced, we are proud to announce Esoteric Festival 2020 is well underway!

Now that the hard part of building our venue is complete we can now focus on this incredible festival and provide all esoterians with a wonderland full of enchantment and mystical energies. All contained within an environment safe for everyone, free from negative energy that’s filled with love, smiles, jaw-dropping visuals, art, forest lighting, décor, food and market stall’s, lifestyle workshops, exciting secret areas and most importantly bigger & badder banging tunes in the thumping temples of stomping feat cutting-edge international and local legends.

With the incredible support from the Buloke Shire, the Donald community, emergency services and the doof community, we’re pumped more than ever to evolve Esoteric to the next phase of being the ultimate psychedelic underground bush doof experience…