Blow Me First

Blow Me First

We’re proud to announce that Blow Me First will be heading to Esoteric Festival!

“Blow me first” may sound like a provocative turn of phrase, but at the heart of this phrase lies an organisation’s commitment to starting a conversation with young adults about responsible consumption of alcohol.

Since 2013, Blow me first has been exploring innovative and practical solutions to ensure peoples safety and wellbeing at events and parties, where excessive alcohol consumption has become the norm.

Recent studies indicate that 2 out of every 5 Australians will drink at dangerous levels at least once per year and 36% of Australians are drinking “to get drunk”.

BMF core values focus on delivering the most accurate and reliable results at a price affordable to the consumer. This will not only help people make an informed decision before taking the wheel but will also ensure that drivers , parents, schools, universities, music festivals, charity events and the wider community are kept safe from potential dangers.

For this reason, BMF have formed a strong alliance and sponsorship agreement with Drager. Drager are the leaders in manufacturing high end medical and road safety equipment globally where everything they produce is German engineered.

This gives our staff, our managers and our customers the utmost confidence in delivering the best drug and alcohol products, equipment and results time and time again.

Blow me first aims to promote safe social environments, by empowering people to know their level of intoxication and to make responsible decisions based on this information. By starting a friendly conversation with young adults in a positive context about the effects of alcohol and dangers of associated behaviours, we empower them to:

  • Drink responsibly
  • Understand the effects of alcohol on them
  • Avoid drink-driving
  • Avoid violent behaviour
  • Establish healthier drinking habits
  • Encourage their peers to drink responsibly

Blow me first empowers young adults to make safe and responsible decisions when drinking.

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