Stage: Ascension

Hailing from the twisted doof playground of Newcastle, Australia, Ben ‘Melt’ has been a pillar of solidarity in the East coast psytrance scene for over 15 years.

With an extensive Dj background of darkpsy flavours and drawing from experience in his previous fullon project ‘Serotone’, the Melt sound is a beastly fortress of psychedelic textures, a deep rumbling sonic assault of dark pysgressive madness.

Hypnotizing dancefloors at some of Australia’s largest festivals including Eclipse festival, Indigo evolution, Maitreya Festival, Earth freq, New Psycle, Regrowth, Psyfari.. as well as a 2015/16/17 tour of Europe & Brazil Playing PULSAR, Freqs of Nature and Amsterdam solstice, Funny Moon, Transform Festival and many more.

He has supported acts such as Onionbrain, Hypogeo, Florian MSK, Lunecell, Entropy, Whiptongue, Sensient, Ryanosaurus, Tetrameth, grouch, Fabio Leal.

Melt is an act that will ooze through the speakers and into your brain like some kind of extraterrestrial beacon, urging you to move…

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