South Africa

Genre: Psy Trance

Stage: Ascension

Music has always been my passion since a young age from making music out of anything and being open minded to any genre of music from blue’s, jazz, metal, hip hop, techno, classical etc. I have always seen myself perfroming infront of a crowd to show my passion for music.

I started off perfroming at my friends braai’s or house parties, sometimes I’ll even just bring my ipod or phone with to a braai just to show everyone my music. As the years went on I started getting more intrested in the electronic music scene and producing my own music. I started djing and producing from the age of 14 in the year 2009.

I started off as a progressive trance dj/producer and started to play at house parties and school parties. I perfromed other genres also such as house, big room and trap but I always found that I connected more with psy-trance.

As the years went on my BPM’s started to go higher and I became more aware of what I was playing and how to connect with the crowd. The bpm’s that I use now are 145-147 Bpm but I always concentrate on the flow of the night to make sure that It is a great turn out for myself and the organisers.

I am always aware of what I am playing and what type of show I put on for the crowd and organisers to make sure I give a proper Brontide experience ☺

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