Organic Vibrations


Stage: Ascension

Born and raised in Pune, India, Organic Vibrations spent his early years exploring the world of sound through Indian and western classical piano, as well as harmonium.

As a teenager in India in the early 2000s, Organic Vibrations discovered a love for harder hitting music and, by the age of 18, he was fronting hardcore metal band Dark Helm, a soon-to-be mainstay on the Indian metal scene.

Frequent trips to Goa were a family ritual throughout his early life and it was on those sunny beaches where he got his first taste of psytrance. He also shared a close bond with his maternal uncle, who’s stories of his adventures playing at Burning Man were a driving factor in influencing the start of Organic Vibrations’ own exploration into psychedelic sound and culture.

After migrating to Melbourne, Australia in his mid 20s, he dove headfirst into the underground psytrance scene, where he connected with like minded people and fell more deeply in love with psychedelic sound. In 2019 he birthed his own project ‘Organic Vibrations’ where he strives to facilitate a returning to self, to love, to wholeness and to freedom through psychedelic music.

Organic Vibrations lives in Melbourne, Australia with his partner and five pets. Music continues to shape his life’s journey, providing a space to be free and to express without judgement.

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