Silent Sphere


Genre: Progressive, Psy Trance

Stage: Sun Temple

Silent Sphere is the progressive and psytrance project formed by Simon Weber (CH) and Janiv Damti (CH/ISR) from Berne, Switzerland.

2013 Janiv joined the project, initiated by Simon in 1999.

The key to an enduring partnership is, of course, to complement each other, and the two do so admirably. Music-wise, their various tastes and techniques combine into one unique sound, and their respective preference for studio work and performance means that both aspects are equally well covered.

The debut album “Dance” was released in 2004, followed by “Mind Games” in 2005 and “The Singles” in 2008.

Their music is influenced by progressive trance, full-on and techno – to bring joy and love to you and the dancefloors with their truly unique and cutting-edge sound.

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