Genre: Progressive, Psy Trance

Stage: Sun Temple

Juliano Bcheche, the name behind the Tijah project, is one of the pioneers in the national dark prog scene.

After years of attending parties and festivals of the style, he began to make his way in the production of Psytrance in 2009, in an intense immersion. Growing as a dj and producer over the years, Tijah made it possible to fulfill a dream from his time as a regular: commanding the dancefloor at the biggest festivals on the planet, such as Boom Festival (PT), Universo paralello (BR), MoDem (HR), Freqs of Nature (DE), and several others.

His trajectory also includes releases on several record labels such as X7M Records, Zenon Records, Iboga Records, Tesseract, among others.

Moving through new territories, Tijah has been presenting a change in his musical style, bringing together all his experience in nightlife, but venturing into a more sophisticated and energetic style, also supported by several collaborations with references in the style, such as Vegas, GroundBass, Major7 and others. This new sound promises to be unique and maintain all the quality and innovation of the project.

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