Becky Bubble


Art Form: Performers

Becky Bubble is a Melbourne based bubble artist who endeavours to share the surreal, shimmering beauty of those magical, floating, rainbow orbs to all!

With her elaborate custom made costumes, ever growing collection of handcrafted big bubble making contraptions and her very own Top Secret GIANT Bubble Making Mix, she invites audiences of all ages to step out of their bubble and immerse themselves in a wonderful world of swirling rainbow colours.

Since bringing her bubble dreams to life 4 years ago, Becky has shared her love of bubbles in fields and on stage at festivals across Australia along with bubbling about at countless events around Melbourne and showcased her bubble artistry on stage at TEDxMonashUniversity.

With her variety of mesmerising bubble acts, she is set to fill any event with wonder and magic by doing things with bubbles you never thought possi-bubble!! So prepare to bask in some BIG bubble magic when this unbelieve-a-bubble bubbleologist pops in to Esoteric 2021 blow bubbles and minds on her quest to blanket events across Australia in an endless ocean of GIGANTIC glistening bubbles!!

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