Opening & Closing Ceremonies

The Opening Ceremony for Esoteric Festival 2022 will take place on Saturday the 12th of March from 11am, and the Closing Ceremony from 9pm on Monday the 14th of March, both on The Sun Temple stage.

After a long-awaited journey, and challenging few years, we urge our tribal family to be present with us as we acknowledge and pay our respects to the Dja Dja Wurrung people who are the traditional custodians of the Esoteric homeland.

Jida Gulpilil from the Dja Dja Wurrung Clan will welcome us to his Country through storytelling, a smoking ceremony and live didgeridoo sound healing. In addition to this, we hear live music from Victor Jay, a sound healing from Rhythm Arkadia and a beautiful prayer-formance by Eclectica Performance.


It is important that we understand the connection shared in the Indigenous culture and we respect and honour their way of life. We ask that you open heartedly allow their stories and experiences to influence how you treat and view the land we gather on.

The Opening Ceremony for Esoteric 2022 will continue the story that has been told over the past 4 years. It will solidify the work that We as a collective have committed to do and give us the opportunity to reclaim our fire, reflect on our actions and move forward with a greater purpose.

With this commitment to unite and strengthen both ourselves and each another, we continue to build an ever-growing community and emit vibrations of light, that bit by bit, piece by piece begin to heal.

Our energetic connection with each other and the Universe is bringing us back here, our deeper connection and understanding of life’s possibilities is healing us. It is creating hope and faith that we can as a collective make a change.

Your presence at this Ceremony will symbolise your commitment to this very important work. We want you to understand the vision and be a part of setting and creating the intentions we wish to fulfil. Open your mind to the power of connection, free yourself of fear and be a part of something truly special; that us likeminded Esotericans understand.

With honour and gratitude receive this gift that you have been presented with and do nothing less than allow yourself to experience and receive everything that it presents and offers to you – for you are trusted to carry out this important work with unconditional guidance and support so long as your commitment remains ignited.

Join this ceremony to connect with your tribe who are vibrating at the same frequency as these are the people who will be there when your flame burns out allowing you to grow and overcome challenges to allow your flame to burn brighter.

Let your flame grow and be a symbol of each unique contribution we make.

In union our flames become one and empower change, ripple by ripple, bit by bit.

2017 connected us with our vision and aligned our energy as a Tribe.

2018 opened our hearts to forgive and let go – to create space for more growth.

2019 filled that space with the courage to surrender and allow ourselves to transform

2020 took us on a journey to the depths of ourselves and what we soon found out, of the entire world – a journey that lasted long after Esoteric.

2021 is a time for us to set ourselves free, unite after a long-awaited journey and enter the world of Utopia where the imagination becomes our reality. 

The Closing Ceremony will be a time for you and your friends and family to reflect on the time you have spent together over the weekend and the intentions we set at the start. Together we will set more intentions for our steps moving forward and close this experience in unity with our Esoteric Tribal Family with a beautiful performance featuring another sound healing by Rhythm Arkadia.



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