Ash Darq


Art Form: Arcane Arts Arcade, Visual Arts

Ash Darq is a Melbourne based dark surrealist who creates art to use as a vehicle for self-healing.

Fusing highly textural, abstract techniques with elements of realism and portraiture.

Ash begins her paintings with a chaotic mess that is both an emotional release, and an integral part of her problem solving process.

This intuitive approach may inform the painting as it unfolds or be excluded entirely with only hints of it remaining by the end.

Ash explores her subconscious mind leading to often evocative, emotional and eerie themes, such as fear, pain, femininity, existentialism and life and death.

Ash is obsessed with self-help, psychology and the human experience, and her work seeks to better understand and process her perspective and relationship to life, others and emotional topography.

Ash Darq completed a Diploma of Fine Arts at Chisholm TAFE in 2011, and has since studied with many established and revered artists around the world.

Ash recently moved from Melbourne and now resides in the Northern Rivers doing commissions, teaching online and working on her next big body of work.

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