Ash Darq


Art Form: Visual Arts

“I make ‘dark visionary art’ to use as a vehicle for exploring my personal development and self-healing journey.
I am possessed by an urge to illuminate the darker aspects of myself, to observe and inspect the origins of my anxieties, phobias and fears. I look for ways to symbolise what I find, this is a constant source of inspiration for me. I record my dreams, another boundless resource.

I aim to be completely raw and honest in my work, whilst keeping a layer of ambiguity about what I am saying. I make surrealist and psychedelic worlds with deep dark undercurrents.

Fusing highly textured, abstract techniques with traditional portraiture,  I am driven to create a harmonic balance between chaos and order by combining realistic portrait painting with playfulness and what I like to call “mess-making” techniques.

My intention is to heal myself and others, through both creating and teaching art.”

Ash Darq creates ‘dark visionary art’ to use as a vehicle for exploring her personal development and self-healing journey.

Ash Darq was raised on a farm in a rural part of the Mornington Peninsula, Australia, and currently resides in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

In 2008, she studied Printing & Graphic Arts at RMIT TAFE which led to a job in graphic design with a landscape company. This only seemed to reinforce her suspicion that she was not comfortable in an office environment.
In 2010 she went to study a Diploma at the Chisholm Institute in Frankston, Victoria. She obtained her two year Diploma of Visual Arts with Chisholm TAFE in 2011, alongside artists Catherine Hull Sinclair and Robyn Rich, with teachers such as Jon Hatfield and internationally acclaimed artist Philip Faulks.

Ash has also executed five exhibition shows; solo, joint, as well as curating one group show, and been a part of numerous group exhibitions locally and in the USA.
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