Clown of Creation


Art Form: Arcane Arts Arcade, ArtCollider Gallery, Visual Arts

Coming straight from the Mo:Dem festival official art & decoration team, Clown of Creation is an Austrian visual artist who has dedicated his whole life to his artistic path – Initially as a carpenter, and later as a multidimensional visual designer.

Having worked at psychedelic events such as Ozora Festival, S.U.N. Festival and Summer Never Ends as part of the ExtraDimensional Space Agency, he has brought his own art to numerous psytrance gatherings worldwide including Psy-Fi Festival (Netherlands), Vortex (South Africa) and Sunshine Village (Japan).

The main theme of the artworks by Clown of Creation is the metamorphosis of the elements of reality and their energy into visual suggestions, developing a transformational story for the viewers to discover and even create themselves by linking the details.

Clown of Creation’s artworks stand out from the more common fractal pieces for emulating a mirroring effect that is actually an expansion of the multitude of unique details blooming throughout his compositions.

Just like human faces, the artworks may seem like two identical halves pasted together. Giving a closer look to them, you will realize that was not quite the right impression.

Give it a try, and enjoy the surprise.

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