Helena Arturaleza


Art Form: Arcane Arts Arcade, ArtCollider Gallery, Visual Arts

Helena was born in 1992 in a little village just north of Amsterdam. She has always been a creative spirit; since childhood she found her ways to express through dance, music and painting. 

Her artistic journey started at age 19 when she was asked to teach Art to her peers during her Media & Design education. Besides she started to receive her first commissions. As a result she skipped art school and started her life as a professional artist. With the world as her teacher she embraced life as a traveller, developed her own style and taught herself how to paint. 

After several years of life experience she studied with different artists at the Vienna Academy of Visionary art.

Life, colour, nature and people inspire Helena’s work. Her work is characterized by spirituality also known as Visionary art. Visionary art inspires a worldwide movement, which brings a deeper understanding of life communicated through images.

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