Masha Zayakina


Art Form: Arcane Arts Arcade, ArtCollider Gallery, Visual Arts

Masha Zayakina is a Russian collage artist hailing from Russia and based in Belgium.

Her artistic project was conceived during the lockdown times, originally started as a way of expression for private communications sent through letters and developed as a therapy against depression.

The communicational power of collage art sits within its power to create something new by merging pre-existing elements together into a new, complex work that gives new life and meaning to its components.

Inspired by contemporary collage artists such as David Crunelle, as well as more established names of the surrealism movement such as Magritte, Kandinski and the Dadaists, Masha Zayakina’s work aims to break through the perspective of the viewers, guiding them through a psychedelic visual experience.

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