Xander ‘Knoswet’ Zee


Art Form: Visual Arts

Xander ‘Knoswet’ Zee is a multidisciplinary contemporary artist and designer based in Sydney.

Xander is a co-founder and the Creative director of ‘Muralisto’ – a social enterprise aimed at strengthening communities through innovative art projects. Muralisto is deeply involved with tackling social and cultural issues of expression, equality, inclusion, politics, ethics and explores the power of collaborative public art to ignite connection within our communities.

Since his first appearance exhibiting and painting live at Subsonic Music Festival in 2012, Xander has become deeply involved in the underground Arts community, working and exhibiting at many of Australias’ most prolific Music and Arts Festivals.

Xanders’ artistic expression was nurtured in the graffiti and street art scene. His artistic adventures have evolved through the world of design and community arts at UNSW, and furthermore through diverse creative endeavours within the Australian and global arts community – working closely with many artists, councils, community groups, commercial and independent organisations.

‘’The motivations behind my art are constantly changing with my understanding of life and creation. I have always been mesmerised by the world and its many mysteries and while painting stays as the staple in my creative diet, this insatiable fascination has lead me on a continual adventure – exploring the avenues of design, photography, sculpture, and mixed media practices.

Through formal and self directed study, as well as personal and social experimentation I have explored many mediums, techniques, artistic philosophies and practices. My works are inspired by the psychedelic experience, emotional adventure, love, dreaming, the mind, the heart, the unknown, beauty, tragedy, nature, the absurd, the abstract, the mundane and the insane.’

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