Poppy the Gypsy Wagon


Stall Type: Retail

Step inside the ornately folk art decorated Gypsy wagon Poppy and be immediately transported into another time and space in the presence of resident Hungarian Transylvanian fortune teller Eilish-AnnaMaria the seer who looks into every aspect of your Enquiry.

Having grown up around her grandmother who read coffee cups for visitors, she became fascinated in the divination arts and brings her skills to Esoteric festival guests with Poppy The Gypsy wagon for the first time.

Whether it’s love of career, travels or health, family matters or even echoes from a past life she will expertly look into your life and help direct you for the best possible outcome providing guidance, insight confirmation, clarity about every aspect of your life.

As a diagnostic Quantum kinesiologist, she can also accurately predict dates of when things will most likely happen and has many happy return clients who’ve been following her around for years.

Bodywork will also be available outside the Gypsy Wagon for those that need healings and massages too.

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