Eva Michelle – Vinyasa Sound Bath


Lifestyle Space: Fractal Tree

Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Vinyasa Sound Bath

Presenter: Eva Michelle

BIO:Eva Michelle is a vocal sound healing worker, yoga instructor, singer, songwriter (Eva Las Vegas), and producer (‘ana wares’). Fascinated with creating naturally altered states of consciousness and bliss, Eva aims to bring the practice of vocal toning to a wider audience. Her multifaceted practice and trainings offer cover yoga (Hatha/Vinyasa/Restorative), sound healing using the voice and harmonic singing tuition.

After going through a significant period of burnout in 2016 where a buildup of years of stress, overcommitment and lack of self care led to complete burnout physically and emotionally, manifesting physically and literally stopping her from moving for 3 months, she has since dedicated her life to assisting people find their kindred holistic spirit through the modalities that have resonated with her the most. All of her classes no matter which technique she is exhibiting focus on tension relief, balance and achieving flow state as well as finding the tools to get there. Eva aims to empower others to look within themselves for the answers they seek in self healing.


Starting with a live recorded soundbath meditation using vocal toning on a loop machine,
Once the loop has built to a gentle wash of vocal sound we begin the Vinyasa practice. Moving through a series of heart opening yoga poses, some balances and held stretches leading back to the floor, enjoy a long savasana soundbath with harmonic overtones and crystal bowls.

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