Jessi Jaguar – Mind, Body, Hoop Workshop


Lifestyle Space: Circue Fantasia

Workshop Type: Flow Workshop, Other

Topic: Mind, Body, Hoop Workshop

Presenter: Jessi Jaguar

Get lost in a pattern of sacred geometry with Jessi Jaguar and her sacred circles! With a flare for the dramatic, Jessi is a self taught hula hooper and a national aerobics title holder. Jessi’s love and passion for dance, flow arts and shapes grew since the day she picked up a hula hoop at her first music festival. In every performance, Jessi wishes to teach and showcase her love of the flow arts. Feel emersed in the magic and watch on in awe, following the flowing sacred circle that spins around the temple we call the body. Jessi Jaguar is here to mystify your minds further with illusive, magical multi hoop tricks and techniques!


Flow arts is a state of mind, join us as we enter into the sacred state of flow to connect with your hula hoop. This workshop will bring you beginners to advanced skills, starting with a meditation that signifies you stepping into the hoop and through to the flow state. Learn how to isolate, chest roll, escalate, use muscle memory and more with Jessi Jaguar!
Join Jessi in an experience like no other to connect you with the sacred circle you have around you. Learn technical terms for simple or advanced transitions and also a short choreographed flow dance to end our session!

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