Julia Williams & Jack Jenson – Music Therapy


Workshop Type: Healing Workshop, Music Workshop

Topic: Music Therapy

Presenter: Julia Williams & Jack Jenson

Music Therapy ~

*Guided Music Therapy Meditation
*Relaxation and Surrender
*Pranayama Breathwork
*Ancestral Healing

Julia Williams and Jack Jensen are back at Esoteric for their fourth year running! Having played at Music Festivals including Rainbow Serpent, Esoteric, Tanglewood, Where The Wild Things Are, Seven Sisters, and more, their Music offers therapy, as they channel divine light to heal the masses on Mother Earth.

Julia Williams is a passionate Music Therapist, Yoga, Tantra & Kundalini Teacher with a Masters Degree in Music. Julia channels unique sound journeys through the electric harp, Indian singing bowls, Tibetan bells, Aboriginal clap sticks, Native American Navajo Flute, Medicine Drum, accompanying her ethereal voice singing ancient Sanskrit Mantras and channelled chanting. Julia Williams will be joined by Jack Jensen in offering deep, sacred sound healing vibrations through the ancient Aboriginal Yidaki (Didjeridu), Native American Navajo Flute, Armenian Duduk Flute, Medicine Drum, vocal overtones and Indian singing bowls. The two work as one unified field of sound, offering deep ancestral healing and raising the collective vibration of all who share in this powerful experience.

During the journey you may feel to meditate or move, dance, sit, or lay down, breathe deeply, close your eyes; immerse yourself in these organic sounds and vibrations. Experience relaxation, rebalancing, release and surrender as Julia and Jack guide you through a heart opening Music Therapy Meditation. Aho.

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