Patrice Young – Vinyasa Yoga Flow


Workshop Type: Yoga Workshop

Topic: Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Presenter: Patrice Young

Patrice’s classes will teach breath with movement for the whole body. His sequences are intelligently designed for your average doofer – to ensure you are woken up and stretched and ready for the hours of boogying ahead of you!

Hi i’m Patrice! I am a 200 hour yoga teacher.

I discovered the power of yoga after I was having a really bad day. I walked into my first class frustrated, tired and sore, after a wet nights sleep at a festival (it rained on my non-waterproof tent), as I left the class I was astonished at how much better I felt. I felt like it was reborn and ready to have the best time! I had never known that moving your body can shift your entire energy.

To me yoga is a spiritual practice that strengthens the body, but also more importantly, the mind. It always amazes me to see look back on my journey and reflect on how I have become a better better human because of my practice. Yoga has helped me become much stronger and flexible, mentally and physically, and I have noticed I have become a more calmer and grounded person.

I’ve always known I was put here for a reason and I feel that reason is to share the skills, knowledge and lessons I’ve learnt with others. I’m here to help.

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