8 Ball Audio


Genre: Drum & Bass

Stage: Snakepit

For Duos, Grug & Bustaflux, founders of the Brisbane based record label ‘8Ball Audio’, life is one big sendathon.

8Ball Audio was born on the basis of wanting to showcase local and abroad bass music of multiple varieties, with a focus on Drum and Bass and Halftime. Since the birth of the label, James (Duos), Sam (Grug) and Jake (Bustaflux) have been busy touring the country whilst simultaneously hunting down the freshest local grown talent to release to the masses.

Separately, James, Sam and Jake represent and showcase their own individual flavours and preferred tastes within the bass music realm, however as a team – the boys come armed and ready to put on a tag-team spectacle that melds together into one big bass concoction that can not be labeled against any of their individual sounds.

With a serious passion for bass music and community, the team behind 8Ball Audio has no plan to stop tackling goals and slangin bangers any time soon.

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