Known to continually break through into new sonic environments, it’s with constant movement and scope that Auramechanic allows himself to balance and incorporate new and evolving styles with his own established signature sound. A dynamic blend with a bass emphasis at its core, an Auramechanic performance will continue to unravel and reveal itself to be born from deep influences of experimental downtempo bass, instrumental hip hop, dub and even modern styles still emerging from within the bass culture.

The Melbourne born musician finds the studio to be where most of his time is now spent. Amidst the isolation of its confines, its here that the original production that lays at the heart of Auramechanic’s uniquely expressive sound is carefully crafted and sculpted. The reward of hours, weeks and years spent tirelessly searching, digging, sampling, re-editing and developing a truly individual soundscape of low end bass melting flavours.

An Auramechanic live performance is constructed using hardware analog synthesizers, live finger drumming and a large range of sequencers and samplers all manipulated in real-time through a multitude of effects. This dynamic ensemble allows every performance to be completely unique with spontaneity and intention focussed directly toward the environment and time/space within each individual song, set and performance.

Highly sought after for his remix ability, Auramechanic also received international recognition for his experimental downbeat sounds combining binaural processing and cognitive techniques within a deeply melodic bed of atmospheric abstractions and beatscapes, the intention being to direct the listener’s attention back toward themselves moving in parallel with the narrative.

Proudly aligned with forward thinking crews such as Plasma Collaborative, Whomp Music, Broken Beat Assault and Organik Audio.

In 2014, Auramechanic earned an invite to perform at Outlook Festival in Croatia and has since returned during his European tour in 2016 marking career highlights performing at the largest soundsystem culture festival in Europe, while back home in Australia gathering momentum and performing at some of the country’s boutique outdoor festivals. Including Wide Open Space, Manifest, Yemaya, Tanglewood, Let Them Eat Cake, Strawberry Fields, Dragon Dreaming and Deliverance in addition to bridging the gap each year to perform at Karamea/Kahurungi Festival and touring New Zealand.

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