Stage: Snakepit

Eclectic and experimental, Dayelle is not the type of artist you can put in a box. Sultry yet soulful, serious yet playful, she’s a unique and creative powerhouse. Performing since 2011, Dayelle’s had a lifelong enthusiasm for music, starting with violin through to electronic music, producing and mc’ing.

Dayelle stumbled into the spotlight after wrestling a microphone of a couple of bickering MCs at a house party, which caught the eye of Brisbane mainstay Desmond Cheese. She made such an impression that she was ushered into a permanent role with the ever-experimental group, where she found herself performing alongside artists like Urthboy, Jane Tyrell and even an improvised set with the Serial Killers on her last European tour.

Down-to-Earth and quirky, Dayelle’s jazzy rhythms and deep, emotional lyrics are as honest and local as it gets. Her sound flitters from electronic to rootsy quicker than you can blink, yet in spite of her impressive collection of styles, it’s always smooth and never jarring.

Her versatility has left her every bit as comfortable performing in a darkened bar, a noisy club, a house party or a psy-trance bush doof, and her relatability has endeared her to people from all walks of life. She’s a true performer, guaranteed to connect with the crowd and raise the intensity in any situation.

Now that she’s proven her passion, talent and flair, Dayelle is ready to take on the world with her solo project, a blend of everything that’s led her to this point with a tantalising promise for the future.

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