Genre: Chill & Downtempo

Stage: Chill Island


Mike Hafner is a DJ and handpan musician from Melbourne who sets out to inject storytelling, meaning and emotion into his performances. His unique sound draws influence from cultural & indigenous music from all over the world, layering, blending and looping interesting musical elements with percussive and eclectic electronica.

HAFNER’s beautiful and vibrant sounds have allowed him to be invited to play at some incredible festivals like Burning Man, Rainbow Serpent, Esoteric, Festival 23, Babylon, Wildwood, Circadian Rhythms and The Town. As one of Melbourne’s Resident Ecstatic Dance DJs, HAFNER sound is versatile, and with each DJ set he strives to create musical journeys with intention and style, designed to move every heart, body and soul.

About the music I play / my performance:

Each set I play is curated with the intention to create a meaningful musical journey for the listener. By blending, sampling, and looping an array of melodies, vocals, and percussive creations from a diverse range of culturally influenced music, to open the heartspace, and evoke hypnotic movements and ecstatic dance.

The style of my sets usually lies at the intersection of live heartfelt instrumental and tribal percussive electronica, and in every set I strive to tell a story, and to create a vibe that is emotive, energising, and captivating for the audience.

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