Genre: Chill & Downtempo, Progressive

Stage: Chill Island

Keaton Horan aka Kay-Cee (UP Records Australia) Has been Djing for almost half his life. Starting out in Melbourne’s well renowned club scene playing and working for clubs such as 3D, Hard Kandy, Hardware Ent, PHD and Pharmacy. Throughout these formative years he fell in love with the music and everything that came with it. Playing on the same bill of some of the biggest names at the time including Scott Project, Yoji Biomehanica, Alex Kidd and the Organ Donors to name a few.

Although Being a DJ in the rave scene and playing Hard Trance weekly, His love of all music genres has always been there. Ranging from Techno, Progressive house, Chill, Electronica, Drum and Bass and Psytrance, he has always mixed a wide range of music for his own enjoyment as well as performing. He was also 1/2 of Melbourne’s Electro duo Called “The Undergraduates”, where they played for Hard Kandy, Pyrotechnics, HSD and Earthcore.

Come the end of the rave era for Keaton was around 2011 and he shifted into playing Drum and Bass under the name Cadron Hollider and Progressive Psytrance under Kay-Cee. Playing gigs for The Brink, Snake Pit Sound, Bellbird Crescent, Esoteric Festival to name a few, with highlights of following The Freestylers on the main stage at Earthcore, opening for The Stanton Warriors at RMH and playing the ever amazing Sun Temple stage at Esoteric 2020, and both Sun Temple and Chill island stages in 2022 and 2023. Having played at the same festivals as Raja Ram, Vini Vici, Morten Granau, Berg, Zyce, Capital Monkey, Timelock Groundbass and so many more world renowned Artists.

Currently his Djing is all about Progressive Psytrance and Progressive House / Downtempo. He is a big believer of the Journey Set. Taking the dance floor through different emotions and building a set that takes you on a trip is important to his beliefs in performing. In 2022 becoming a Label DJ for Up Records Australia has been a big milestone.

Taking influence from the likes of JOOF, Emok, Phaxe, Morten Granau, liquid Soul, Ritmo, Omiki, Boris Brejcha, Matador, Ben Bohmer, Einmusik, Jonas Saalbach and more.Supporting tracks from his favorite Labels such as Anjunabeats, Einmusika Recordings, Iboga, Ibogtech, Blue Tunes and Up Records. Kay-Cee really enjoys transitioning between playing different genres and in his sets tries to create the journey he strives to achieve with his music.

Being a Doofer since the early 2000’s the outdoor setting is where he thrives. The joy of playing outside amongst nature is his favorite. “The Doof Culture and Vibe is where I most enjoy being, not only as a DJ but as a fellow punter. I really feel at home”

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