Kundalini Project


Genre: Chill & Downtempo

Stage: Chill Island

The Kundalini Project unfurls its majestic live spectacle, bestowing upon its audience the sacred symphony that awakens their primal serpent energy. A tempest of immersive soundscapes ensues, as they journey through undulating textures, propelled by the primal heartbeat of basslines that resonate like the Earth’s very pulse. This dance of metamorphosis is intensified by the staccato rhythm of percussive elements, creating a frenetic vibrational tapestry that ignites the very soul.

Having graced the stages of prestigious festivals across Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, India, Turkey, the Netherlands, and Italy, Kundalini Project’s resonance has expanded across continents, captivating diverse audiences with its sonic sorcery.

In 2015, a new chapter beckoned as Kundalini set foot on the vibrant shores of Australia. Here, a renaissance of musical passion was ignited, culminating in a monumental appearance at Earthcore – a monumental chapter etched into the annals of Australia’s storied outdoor festival legacy. A tapestry of performances, including Street Parade Milan, The Magic Garden Festival, Esoteric Festival, Ecstatic Dance Holland, Rainbow Serpent, Where the Wild Things Are, Circadian Rhythm, Tanglewood Festival, showcased his artistic virtuosity.

Yet, Kundalini Project is not merely a musical enigma; he is a luminary that has sculpted his own constellation in the heavens of creativity. The founder of Sacred Vision Records, a label sanctified to tribal, organic, and psychedelic auditory revelations, his vision echoes through the very pulse of the industry. Additionally, as the progenitor of the illustrious Magic Garden Festival, an avant-garde tapestry interwoven with the finest threads of tribal music and conscious events, his legacy reverberates through the hearts of those who seek transformative experiences.

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