Montaña Azul


Genre: Chill & Downtempo

Stage: Chill Island

Montaña Azul means Blue Mountain in Spanish but unlike her name would suggest, Montaña Azul grew up in the Southwest of France and started her Djing journey some years ago, soon after discovering the Australian doof scene.

Her style ranges from downtempo to hard techno, including 50 shades of house, focusing more on tracks’ atmospheres rather than on a specific genre. She particularly likes contrasts and enjoys mixing melancholic and atmospheric melodies with groovy/pumping beats.

She played downtempo, house and techno sets at numerous parties, festivals, and venues, including Esoteric Festival, Earth Frequency Festival, Burning Seed, My Aeon, Killing Time, Rubix Warehouse, Melbourne Pavilion, KissFm, Tramp, Radio Bar, Her.Bar and Fitzroy Beer Garden.

She’s a resident DJ of Naarm/Melbourne based “Anomalie Collective”, which aims to promote underground and darker techno sounds.

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