Genre: Chill & Downtempo

Stage: Chill Island

Neyana has spent over a decade exploring and experimenting with electronic music. Constantly pushing boundaries and defying conventions, neyana has developed a sound that is both unique and eclectic, incorporating various synthesis, arrangements, textures, and intensities.

At the core of neyana’s approach is a deep commitment to creativity and innovation. Each project is approached with an open mind, allowing for exploration and experimentation to guide the flow of the creative process. This approach allows neyana to maintain a fresh and exciting perspective on neyana’s music, and to avoid the trap of creating songs that sound the same.

The result is a diverse and dynamic catalog of releases that showcase neyana’s versatility as a producer. From intricate and emotive sonic landscapes to bass heavy bangers, each track is a testament to neyana’s ability to blend disparate elements into cohesive and compelling compositions.

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