Positive Pete


After making his debut in 2013, James Faulkner aka Positive Pete has already made a name for himself within the Melbourne Psytrance community. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, James has always had a love for music and the power it has on the mind, body & soul.

Having supported numerous well known international DJs and major personal influences such as Major7, X-NoiZe, Rinkadink, Morten Granau, Capital Monkey, BLiSS, Blastoyz, Freedom Fighters, A-Team, Berg, Ace Ventura, Fabio & Moon, Jacob, Unseen Dimensions, Audiomatic, Alex Stein & many more, he is fast becoming one of the most well recognised DJ’s in the Psytrance scene.

2017 was a prominent year for all things Positive Pete; playing the Mandala Stage at Babylon Festival in March, supporting Mandragora for Reconnect in June, as well as gaining a monthly residency at Progression Sessions for Intergalactic Crew which had lead solid array of gigs into 2018 there are so many highlights we could share but instead create one for yourself by enjoying his music.

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