Genre: Chill & Downtempo

Stage: Chill Island

Revolutie is a rising DJ and music producer hailing from the Grampians Region in Victoria, Australia. With a passion for electronic music that transcends borders and genres, Revolutie has been captivating audiences with his unique fusion of tech and deep minimal tech house, infusing groovy beats with elements of funk, Latin, and world music.

Musical Journey:

With over four years of DJing experience, Revolutie has honed his crate, earning a reputation for delivering electrifying performances that leave dancefloors buzzing. His innate ability to read a crowd and seamlessly blend diverse musical influences sets him apart in the world of electronic music.

Over the past year, Revolutie has ventured into music production, crafting his own deep house tracks. His dedication to his craft has culminated in several upcoming releases that promise to transport listeners into his sonic universe.

Live Performances and Event Experience:

Revolutie’s journey is enriched by diverse experience in Victoria’s local nightclubs, catering to varied crowds, organising events, and playing at unique doofs, including Hyperspace and Arapiles Island nearby Djurrite (Mount Arapiles).

  • Local Nightclubs: He’s honed his skills at residencies and guest spots, adept at adapting to different venues, ensuring unforgetable nights.
  • Crowd Mastery: Revolutie excels in engaging diverse audiences, reading the room, and crafting captivating musical journeys.
  • Event Organiser: His passion extends to event curation, bringing the community together to celebrate electronic music. The most recent event included a LGBTIQ Pride Event which included performances from Melbourne Drag Queens and DJ Revolutie keeping the vibes going all night.
  • Djurrite (Mount Arapiles): Revolutie has graced the unique landscapes of Djurrite, fusing nature’s influence into his sound. His small doof experiences bring an organic and adventurous touch to his music.Inspirations:Revolutie draws inspiration from some of the biggest names in the tech house family, including Funk Cartel, Dennis Cruz, and Darius Syrossian. Their influence is evident in his dynamic and groove-centric sets, featuring infectious rhythms and soulful melodies.
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