Genre: Chill & Downtempo

Stage: Chill Island

Shantaraam/Tauren: two projects that fall somewhere between bass music and the sounds of techno.

Shantaraam/Tauren is a multi-genre being who helms from an island in the Arabian Gulf (Bahrain). Known as a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures, this diversity is heavily reflected in the sound, an array of genre’s, a fusion of worldly sounds, psychedelic soundscapes, dub-laden grooves, melancholic techno, and heavy basslines. Not confined to one genre, constantly evolving with the trends, ever pursuing new ways to express the self.

Shantaraam/Tauren has played worldwide as well as around Australia and New Zealand. Performances are often in collaboration with live musicians to merge the worlds of live and electronic with an improvised approach.
This is my new podcast series Surreal Melbourne. Here I interview creatives of all disciplines. In this long format discussion/conversation; I ask the questions that unravel the many experiences that shape the selected artist. I dissect their drive and gain insight into how they see the world through their creative expression. Gaining an understanding of their viewpoints and perspectives, I hope the conversation serves as an inspiration to all that wish to create in any medium or form of expression, be it art, music, or the infinite choices out there.

Performances include:

Strawberry Fields 2011/2012
Eclipse FNQ (Renegade set) 2012
Tree of Life (Australia & Turkey) 2012
Eclipse Festival (Bahrain) 2013
Tribal Rhythms 2013
Maitreya Festival 2013/2014
Lucid Labyrinth 2014/2015
Dragon Dreaming Festival 2014/2015/2016/2017
Yemaya Festival 2014/2015/2016
Yellow Sunshine Festival
St Kilda Festival
Orin Aya 2015/2017.
Discombobulation Festival (NZ) 2015
Ponies Festival (NZ) 2015
Luminate Festival (NZ) 2015
Rainbow Serpent Festival 2015/2016
Regrowth Festival 2015
Earth Frequency Festival 2015
Psy fi Festival (Netherlands) 2016
Boom Festival (Portugal) (impromptu set) 2016
Harmony Gardens 2016
Mushroom Valley 2016
Earthcore 2016/2017
Holi Festival 2017/2018
Babylon 2017
Elements Festival 2017
Where The Wild Things Are 2018
AI 2018

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