Tom Baker


Stage: Bush Techno

A perfectionist at heart, Australian producer Tom Baker has quickly emerged in the global scene, gaining respect for his passion and dedication towards creating his unique, signature sound perfect for any dancefloor. Blending a variety of genres, his productions masterfully intertwine driving grooves of warm baselines with psychedelic textures and smooth storytelling sounds.

Musically inclined from a very young age, Tom’s journey as an artist evolved from playing the drums and metal music in his early years to immersing himself in the electronic dance music scene as a DJ by the age of 15. His musical trajectory was derailed in 2009 when a freak accident caused severe nerve damage to his right hand.

Despite his 6 year hiatus, Tom’s enthusiasm for electronic dance music only grew stronger. It was for this reason that Tom was gifted a music production software from his friends on his 21st birthday – a gift that until today keeps on giving. Tom’s passion quickly became an obsession, as he devoted countless hours towards writing music, learning new tricks and experimenting with sound. This progress led to the natural resumption of his DJing career, as Tom eagerly adapted to playing with his nerve injury.

Fast forward a few years, Tom Baker is now a force to be reckoned with in the progressive and psychedelic techno scene. Showcased by his arsenal of dancefloor weapons featured on labels like Digital Structures, Stone Seed, Recovery Collective and Euphorie Bezirk, Tom’s unique sound will influence the genre’s development for years to come.

With a high volume of original productions and remixes streaming from his studio, Tom boasts an unmistakable flavour that can only be called his own. Tom is positioned to be one of the scene’s biggest names in the near future. In his own words, listen and let the music do the talking.

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