The Trickbox project creates entire electronic sets on the spot using electronic and natural instruments going into a live looper; adapting the set spontaneously to each environment. There is no computer and whatever is played goes into the looper exactly how it was played real time.

The instruments include two synths, a melodica, an mpc live drum machine, beatbox and vocal effects and bags full of cheeky tricks, including the ability to sample FM radio and the crowd, and then live remix and tweak the input into a new song. Trickbox also often works with guest musicians such as Selki and Reuben Stone, fully improvised.

The show is a performance, and an interaction with the environment it surrounds. Any sound, style and speed is possible and this is decided in the moment. Each set is unique and is made just for the moment, never to be heard exactly the same again.

This principle is based on the buddhist art of mandalas, where any holding onto the creation takes away from it’s artistic purity, and that the focus is in the now.

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