Unknown Reality


Genre: Chill & Downtempo

Stage: Chill Island

«Music has an immense potential to enhance the quality of life and is a tremendous asset to our everyday existence. It gives me great pleasure to see people passionate about playing music or being totally absorbed by high quality sound and truly feeling it.»

Having started in 1994 as a producer and DJ, Ralph founded the project RASTALIENS with his friend Jay. They enjoyed international success with their debut project on every major continent.

In 2005 he started his solo full on psy project BRAINCELL which immediately sparked an interest and earned respect throughout the scene, introducing a genuinely authentic sonic flavour to the genre whilst raising the bar in creativity and production.

in 2007 Ralph’s second project SOLAR SPECTRUM was born, representing the more progressive side of his creativity and providing a bridge between both ends of the spectrum with slightly lower bpms and a drivingly groovy heart opening intention for the dance floor.

In 2013 it was time for an Ambient/Chill/Downbeat project which was realized under the name UNKNOWN REALITY. Once again Ralph’s sonic storytelling skills were expressed in a new framework. This time field recordings and modular synthesis with full spectral soundscapes and laid back mysterious beats, created a backdrop for the unfolding of a beautifully honest ambient journey, with a gentle push into the unknown.

His discography to date, from all his projects, has reached a very impressive level.

In 2018 he joined Nano Records, the label on which he released his first double album «Gaia» which represents two of his creative sides: Full on psy trance with BRAINCELL and Chill-out with UNKNOWN REALITY. The album was a great success and was at Nr. 1 for 10 weeks in the Psyshop.com charts.

To date Ralph has played his music on every major continent; in countries such as Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, USA, all over Europe, India, Bali, Thailand to name but a few. He has received much praise for his energetic and emotional live shows, DJ sets and production skills.

Last but not least he is part of several collaborations with other artists from the international psy trance scene like MELTING POINT (with Earthspace) and THE UNDERCOVER BABAS (with Mandala).

In 2011 he founded his company NoizeBusters to combine all his knowledge in Sound Design & Music Production as well as teaching experience.

Thanks to his many years of live and studio experience as a musician and producer, he combines a very broad and deep understanding of music production, digital electronics and all the technology of contemporary sound. He works with it daily and his range in Sound Design is extremely versatile. He is also a comprehensive yet gently compassionate teacher of his art.

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